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J Litty’s

Black Jar Specials

Black Jar Specials

Forget total % Bullcrap. Forget fancy camera shots to hype up hemp. Forget ever having to worry about the quality of the strain you are choosing. THC is nothing without other Cannabinoids to help bind that….needless to say there is a lot that goes into our hemp….other than THCA. These strains will be heavy hitters but this is the total Entourage experience that J is looking for. The BEST well rounded flowers Period.

These strains will be hand picked by the J Litty’s team only when we find the right ones. Each strain featured will have 1/8 or 1/4 option in our old school black matte glass jars.  These strains are picked to showcase the flavor, potency and overall quality that J Litty’s offers. The best there is, with packaging it deserves. This is The black Jar Special line from J Litty’s


Black matte glass jar with boost pack. Please note that since we will use the same high quality glass jar, the 7g jars will be extra Full ;)

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