How long does it take to get my package?

When you place your order, our team gets right to work! All orders are shipped within 48 business hours and shipping is typically 2-3 Business day depending on where you live.

What is THCA

The best way to describe thca is the precursor to what everyone knows as Delta 9 THC. In essence, THCA by itself will not impair/get you high. The act of decarbing the product (like smoking it or dabbing it) will release the acid molecule from thca and give you Delta 9. This product, THCA, is federally legal thanks to the 2018 farm bill. We recommend that everyone does their own research as this is a basic definition.

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Shipping Policy

J Litty's LLC is in full compliance with every postal service that we use that includes but is not limited to USPS, UPS and FED EX. Once an order has been shipped it is the responsibility of the customer to track the product to its final destination. All orders receive emails at the time of purchase and at the time the label is put into the system. If there is an error in the shipping address, it is the customers responsibility to email J Litty's at the email provided in the contact page with the correct address. Because we ship so fast, often times same day, the window for address changes is a maximum of 1 hour after the order has been placed. Please keep in mind that it is not the responsibility of J Litty's to ensure that your package is delivered on time and in an un damaged manor. If there is a shipping issue, please contact the shipping company directly and open an investigation ticket before you contact J Litty's as we are not responsible for any lost/damaged package claims. All other questions and concerns about shipping should be relayed to J Litty's via the contact section.

Returns and Exchanges

Returns and Exchanges in this type of business just are not possible unfortunately. We do not want to risk anyones safety, including our customers and workers. To avoid contaminated products we have a very strict ALL SALES FINAL policy which includes all products on Jlittys.com. If you are not satisfied with your product in any way, please reach out to J Litty's via the contact page and we can work something out. We truly appreciate everyones business and do not want to put health concerns into the mix with our great products and hope you respect this decision.

Creator Codes

All creator codes are subject to be changed, altered, discount increased or decreased, terminated or activated at any time. J Litty's LLC provides codes to creators in exchange for reviews on products as collateral. J Litty's LLC is its own entity and thoughts/opinions of creators for J Litty's LLC are not necessarily that of J Litty's LLC. J Litty's LLC reserves the right to change these creator codes policies at anytime.